Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Your Patience Possess Ye Your Souls

In the past few weeks I have been thinking much about patience, what it is, how to get it, what to do when it is lost. I think that patience has much to do with peace. If we become impatient we have lost our sense of inner peace. When I feel patience, I am full of faith, hope, and charity. I have faith that things will work out, I have hope in Christ who gives me light and life, and I feel charity for my family and friends.

When I am impatient, I lack the faith that everything is working out right, I have lost my sense of hope in my Savior who wishes to share my burdens and bring me peace, and I feel anger and frustration which chases away any feelings of charity.

So when we are patience, we are close to the Lord and feel peace. When we are not patient, we feel far away from our Lord. So to get back patience, we must return to Christ. He does not turn away from us, we turn away from Him. We must do whatever it takes to turn our hearts back in the right direction and let His love fill our whole soul. Then will we have the patience and charity that helps us stay up all night with sick children and not become angry, fulfill difficult responsibilities in church and know if we do our best things will work out alright, and show great love to our spouses we covenanted with to be true to no matter what difficulties may arise.

"and thou didst bear all these things with patience because the Lord was with thee; and now thou knowest that the Lord did deliver thee." (Alma 38:4)

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