Prophet Paintings

Peace comes into our lives through the Savior. Inspirational artwork and faith promoting children's stories help to bring our hearts closer to the Savior because we think of Him and ponder His life.

LDS art is a wonderful addition to any home. Our art can bring a spirit of reverence and peace into our homes. The paintings of the Prophets from Joseph Smith to Thomas S. Monson are an incredible treasure. The pictures of the Savior can help build testimony and give spiritual strength. Though most of our art is by Doc Christensen we also have art by other artists including Brendan Clary and George D. Durrant. Their artwork can only be purchased on this website. Our most popular and requested painting is "Sacrament Meeting".

LDS art can make a great present for birthdays or other special occasions such as baptisms, missionary farewells, homecomings, and priesthood ordinations. Our LDS artwork can help inspire youth to want to serve missions. Consider placing one of our missionary prints in your child's bedroom to remind them of who they are. These paintings of the Savior can be a source of inspiration and peace. LDS artwork can be a blessing in the life of anyone.

Although not a substitute for daily scripture study, LDS artwork can be a source for pondering. We have included LDS artwork for the missionary in your life and for your own family as well. Not only are these paintings a wonderful addition to your home, they make great gifts for any occasion and can be wonderful additon to the hallways of any Mormon chapel and can make any personal or home office a more reverent and peaceful place.

This website is not just intended for an Mormon audience. We welcome all Christians and friends of other faiths to share in the testimony of the Savior.

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