Essential Oils

In Doctrine and Covenants 89:10 the Lord states, "And again, verily I say unto you, all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man—"

Essential oils come from herbs that can be used for calming, healing, energizing, and promoting overall health. These oils can bring peace both to the body and the spirit so they are very beneficial to the soul.  You can be your own family physician , providing health and peace to your most precious souls using dōTERRA essential oils.

What is an essential oil?
  • Natural aromatic compounds found in plants
  • Steam distilled or cold pressed extraction
  • Powerful, safe benefits without side effects
Essential Oil Uses
  • AROMATIC—Diffuse in a room to purify the air or to change emotion
  • TOPICAL—Apply directly to skin during massage or for topical therapy
  • INTERNAL—Consume   as a dietary supplement for targeted wellness
Essential Oil Safety
  • Very safe and gentle with few side effects
  • Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose
  • Dilute with vegetable oil, not water
  • Skin sensitivity primary safety issue
  • Follow all label directions
Why choose dōTERRA essential oils?
  • PURE—100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers
  • SAFE—Certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues
  • POTENT—Standardized active compounds
How do I get started?

There are six single essential oils and four essential oil blends that no family should ever be without.
  1. LAVENDER All Things Calming
  2. LEMON Clean and Freshen
  3. PEPPERMINT Cool and Invigorate
  4. MELALEUCA First Aid for the Skin
  5. OREGANO Natural Immune Support
  6. FRANKINCENSE When in doubt, use frankincense!
  1. DEEP BLUE® Muscle and Joint Support
  2. BREATHE Respiratory Support
  3. DIGESTZEN® Digestive Support
  4. ON GUARD™ Natural Defense

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